Monday, April 05, 2010

Reality Show Confrontation

A: Look, I'm sorry, but I'm saying something, okay, because I'm real with my friends, I'm real with my friends, and when somebody does something that needs to be called out, I call them out on it, okay, because I'm real, I'm real with my friends, and we're friends, okay, like I think of you as a friend, but you did this thing, and you need to be called out on it, you need to be called out on it!

B: Okay, we are at a fashion show? And this is not the time or the place? And I have no idea what you're talking about?

Astrological Compatibility

Your Sign:

Insecure, hollow, full of doubt and self-loathing. You tend to fixate on romantic objects onto whom you project your lack of an integrated self. You spin fantasies of an "other" who could validate you, provide you with your missing sense of self-worth, make you feel whole in the places where you are broken. You are compulsively controlled by your need to feel wanted; you falsely believe that you can trade physical intimacy for emotional connection.

His Sign:

Down to fuck.