Friday, December 18, 2009

American Second Acts, or, Fuck You Fitzgerald

Peter Weller, best known as the eponymous Robo-Cop from the 1986 motion picture, "Gimme That!" completed a Master's degree in Roman and Renaissance Art at Syracuse University, where he now teaches.

Michael Crichton, author of such acclaimed science-fiction novels as "These Dinosaurs" and "Til We Meet Again at the Sleepaway Camp," died in 2009 to become a supernatural being. He manifests most commonly as an unexplained noise, but also occasionally as a glowing skeleton.

Cindy Sheehan, who rose to prominence as an anti-war activist after her son's death in 2004, ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 2008, and then transformed into an owl, through processes which remain obscure. She is now believed to reside in a forest, in a tiny house.

Mike Piazza, celebrated Major League Baseball catcher, killed and subsequently assumed the name, skin and familial duties of New York-area welder Dale Rogers in 2007.


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