Thursday, October 22, 2009

Big Jon & I

"But Big Jon," I said, raising my voice so that it might carry up to his ears, which were high above me. "How will we reach the barn in time? It looks so far away!"

"Is it truly far?" asked Big Jon, and in doing so his thunderous baritone vibrated my every body part. "Or does it just appear so, being dwarfed by my Brawny Arms?"

I looked harder, and saw that indeed this was the case! For a Brawnier pair of Arms I had never laid my little eyes upon (nor you, I daresay!)

"You look tired," Big Jon said to me. "Come. Rest awhile in the warm pocket of my dungarees."

And without waiting for a reply, he scooped me up and nestled me in his front pocket, against the warm and authoritative firmament of his Upper Thigh. And I assure you, gentle Reader, I had never felt so snug and secure in all my tiny life.


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