Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I am on a padded, absorbweave path. I must pick something to stanch the flow and while I’m at it something to recalibrate my scent. I must smell of a bursting peach-shaped sun in a halo of rosemist. I must smell of Malibu mornings and crisp linen sheets flapping over a field of lavender. I must smell like berry dew, like apple cloud marrow, like a million quiet guestrooms.

Perhaps the pearl ones will suit my purposes. Or the ones with a pearlglide applicator. What product will most accommodate my shiny corridor? This one is shaped to fit my body. This one was blessed by a shaman. This one was made by a little idiot. Ah this is the one I will pick. All natural. Susquehanna Cotton. Not only does it have a flexiglide tip, but it fits the idea I have of myself. Kind of a peaceful, free-spirited woman who walks barefoot in the grass. Kind of a topsy-turvy gal who might fall into a bathtub fully clothed for the fun of it. Kind of a dizzy wench throwing apples at the town shrew.

Ahh yes. This is the one. It comes with its own carrying case. I have always wanted a pastel carrying case with which to conceal my feminine products. I can see myself opening it with perfectly manicured fingernails in a perfectly modern moment, and then closing it with business like efficiency.

How wonderful it is to have all these choices!


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Pantene Pro-Choice

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