Monday, May 09, 2005

Fun Games To Play On A Rainy Day

Ever been stuck indoors on a rainy day and considered bashing your head against a wall just to beat the boredom and blues away? Well, with these fun games to play on a rainy day, that will never happen to you again! Just grab a partner and go!

Fun Game #1: Soon-Yi, How Could Ye?

In this game, one partner pretends to be Mia Farrow, while the other plays Mia's adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn who, in 1993, shocked the world by running off with her adoptive coparent, filmmaker Woody Allen. The object of the game is for "Mia" to finally confront Soon-Yi after all these years of silence and pain and get to the bottom of what she was thinking when she let Woody Allen seduce her, wed her, and even adopt a baby to raise with her. Ten points shall be awarded for every time "Mia" says something to the effect of "You ungrateful whore, I took you out of Korea where your whore mother dumped you on the streets!"

Fun Game #2: Soon-Yi, Will You Marry Me?

In this game, one partner pretends to be filmmaker Woody Allen, while the other pretends to be Soon-Yi Previn, his 21-year-old adopted daughter whom he scandalously seduced and married in 1993. The object of the game is for "Woody Allen" to propose to Soon-Yi and get her to accept. So that "Soon-Yi" will put up a good fight, she will be rewarded with bonus points for every neurotic habit of Allen's she demands that he change if the two are going to co-habitate as man and wife. "You're not going to have your own private bathroom at my house like you did at Mom's!" would garner twelve points. If Soon-Yi says yes to marriage, then the board is flipped over and Woody and Soon-Yi have sex on the board.

Fun Game #3: Backgammon

'Nuff said.


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Decades later this game is still genius

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