Monday, May 09, 2005

Hawk You Are My Brother

Just this afternoon I was walking down one of the many tree lined pathways that compose the university where I attend grad school, when a bluebird landed on a branch in front of me. I thought “big deal,” and kept walking. Then the bluebird flew past me and landed on a trash can I was approaching and about to pass. I thought, “I wonder if he lives in the trash,” and still kept walking. Then the bluebird landed directly in front of me on the path and that was when it occurred to me that he was probably trying to get me to follow him. So I did. I followed him up the path, through the parking lot behind Bryan Hall, around the ampitheatre and towards the library, the whole time wondering where we were going and isn’t life full of adventures. Finally, we ended up in front of the Roberston Media Center and the bluebird flew up and away never to be seen again. I stood there wondering what the fuck. Then I got it: the reason he had led me to the Media Center is because that’s where I was supposed to return the copy of Flatliners with Keifer Sutherland, that I rented the day before. DOY!! Thanks little guy, where ever you are…


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