Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Most Surreal Aspects of the Body Smack That Takes Place Between Sandra Bullock And Ryan Reynolds In THE PROPOSAL

The fact that they are both completely naked. The fact that she is so much older than him. The fact that it is supposed to be funny, but feels like a serious moment in an avant-garde performance piece. The fact that their bodies hit each other so hard. The fact that it makes a sound. The fact that the choreography has to be twisted in order to prevent us seeing any of their genitals. The fact that we see their asses. The fact that Bullock has so much junk in the trunk. The fact that the dog's name is "Kevin". The fact that her face squishes up like she's tasting mortality as she skids down his bare, sweaty chest. The fact that she's just gotten out of the shower, and he's just about to take a shower, so he is dirty, and she is clean. The fact that after his workout he took his boxers off on the balcony while listening to his iPod, even though he was well aware that they were sharing a room. The fact that they are lying to his family. The fact that Betty White plays his Native American grandmother. The fact that Sandra Bullock's face is so busted. The fact that Ryan Reynolds's face is so random. The fact that these two people, formerly boss and assistant, now presenting a sham marriage in order to avoid her deportation to Canada, are, against all odds, and triggered to some degree by this body smack, definitely going to fall in love.


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