Friday, February 15, 2008

My Husband

My husband is a gallant wolf named Mark. He has searing wolf eyes and a robust wolf chest and thick salt and pepper fur. We live in a huge house in the new Moonshaft Estates. We have many appliances, all state of the art, and very efficient air conditioning. Sometimes we will go out onto the deck and I will watch my wolf husband’s outline against the night sky which is pearly with bulging milky ways. There are many portraits of Mark around the house. In one he is standing on a giant silver cube that is hovering over a rippling desert. We have a room called “The Eclipse Room,” and that is where he keeps all of his recording equipment. Sometimes we will sit on our white couch and listen to Genesis together. He will put his paw on my leg and I will lift it and graze it gently across my lips. We have many remote controls. We even have a remote control that controls the blinds. Sometimes I will ride Mark through pastures of pristine snow and the sky will wink at us and I will know that we are two of the cleanest individuals in the universe. Sometimes I will be by myself in our house and I will walk down our sweeping staircase and take one of the chocolates out of the little glass bowl in the foyer. I will unwrap the chocolate and place it gingerly on my tongue. I will look around our cold, expensive house with all of its gleaming white tiles. My labia will start throbbing and I will think, “Where is Mark? Where is my wolf husband?”


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