Thursday, July 08, 2010


Dear Ming Li,

Hello. My name is Denise. I am going to be your pen-pal. I picked you because I have never been to China and I want to go there some time. I am ten years young. My English teacher is named Mr. Delaney. We call her Mrs. De-LAME-y, ha ha. She smells like a bran. My mom says I should be nice to her because she lost a breast. Do you like toast?

Tell me – I just want to know. What is it like in China? What do you like to do? I like lasers and space and sunglasses and toast. Sometimes I think I’m going to go to space, sometimes I don’t. I am Catholic. We go to church every Sunday. I don’t think it’s fun. Last Sunday when I went, I sat next to an old lady who made a piece of candy drop out of her sleeve. Then I ate it and everyone smiled and it was a really big deal. Sometimes I think that when I grow up I’m going to have a car shaped like a laser. Do you? Is China fun? Sometimes America (that’s where I live) is fun. Sometimes it’s just okay. We have lots of little napkins here. Everyone says my dad has a good sense of humor. Well okay bye.

Your best friend,


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