Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thoughts I Had While Watching "Rescue Dawn"

1. Christian Bale is so awesome.

2. I would like to have dinner with Christian Bale.

3. I bet he is a great guy.

4. Oh my god, it would f-ing SUCK to be a P.O.W.

5. I wonder which would be worse: fighting in the jungle or fighting in the desert.

6. I am sooo glad I'm not a soldier.

7. If I went down in a plane crash and then got held in a P.O.W. camp in the middle of the jungle, I would be so f-ing bored and anxious and uncomfortable. I would be like "When is this gonna be over?" And also, "Why did I have to get myself into this mess?"

8. I don't have a clue how movies get made.

9. Whoa, did Christian Bale really eat those worms?!!

10. Why are those army dudes wearing purple pajamas?

11. I hate war.


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