Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I heard this song when I was on hold with a student loan company the other day. I’ll be honest, the last thing I felt like doing was dancing. (A more appropriate song for my mood might have been “I hope you’re checks don’t BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUNCE!”). But then, I have to admit, I got kind of into it. I decided to stop resisting and just live in the moment and listen to the song. I closed my eyes. Here is a list of images inspired by “I hope you dance,” by Lee Ann Womack: some straw placemats I saw at pier one imports this one time. Water gliding over blue, glass pebbles. An overweight woman walking along the beach in a brightly colored wrap. A little girl dressed as a ballerina kicking her legs out of a beat-up convertible. This conspiratorial, girl-talk look my gynecologist gives me sometimes. Sand dunes. A soaring, aerial view of a water-logged post-Katrina new orleans. A woman holding out the waist-band of her khakis to show how much weight she's lost.


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